Using quality timber from sustainable sources

simplydesignsolutions provides a full design, supply and installation service for a range of quality engineered timber products.

The timber that we use comes from sustainable, managed forests and is both recyclable and biodegradable.

Roof trusses

We design and supply both standard and large span trusses for many different types of roof. Working in partnership with you from initial design stage to on-site build, we’ll ensure that the full technical, structural and aesthetic requirements of your project are met.

Using 3D software and rendering, we can quickly spot imperfections with truss connections, intersecting roofs, existing planes and spans etc as well as giving you a life-like view of how the roof will appear. 

Attic trusses

Room in the roof, or attic trusses, can significantly increase the living space/storage capacity within a property.

Open web joists can also be incorporated to extend the benefits of attic trusses. This allows large services such as soil pipes and air conditioning systems to be easily routed through the floor.

Open web-attic trussed rafters combine the solid feel of an open web joist with the benefits of a conventional attic truss and allow you to span even further. The strength of the floor provides increased living space, delivering maximum value to the homeowner.

When considering use of attic trusses, you need to think through the positioning of dormer windows, roof lights and staircases along with other openings. To accurately price an enquiry, we need to know the span of truss, pitch, tile type and room width/height. 

Posi open web joists

We design and supply Posi open web joists for floors and roofs. Systems are Part E compliant with current Building Regulations, CE marked and E-F-T3 Robust, detail compliant for timber frame construction.

Joists combine the lightness of timber with great strength, performance and make possible a variety of internal room layouts due to superior spanning capabilities. Given a unique open web design, second-fix trades find it easy and convenient to work with.

Exceptional performance, from a minimum 72mm wide fixing surface, makes flooring easy, controls shrinkage, and with precision engineering reduces the need for return visits and remedial work.

Posi-joists can also adequately span flat and pitched roofs.

Other key features include:

• Up to 40% lighter than traditional joists
• Manufacture spans of up to 12 metres
• Pipes, cabling, ducting and services can be concealed as large as 100mm
• Trimmable ends for blockwork up to 130mm, allowing good tolerance
• Potential for cost-saving on foundations by eliminating load bearing walls
• Even on long spans, no herring-bone strutting is necessary  

Feature trusses

We design, supply and install beautiful feature trussed rafters for different buildings and applications. These can be specified in Glulam, oak, pine and other soft and hardwoods.

Feature trusses are structural and designed to support large roof structures whilst adding to the appearance of a building.

Glue laminated beams

We supply glue laminated timber beams (Glulam). This is one of the strongest structural materials available (per unit weight). It is formed from laminates of selected graded timber to provide extreme strength. We can provide a range of lengths, depths and widths to suit individual specification requirements.

Given the nature of the manufacturing process, beams can be supplied in incredibly long lengths, with unusual curves, as an A frame and as columns, posts etc. This makes it extremely versatile.

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